“This remarkable choir perform an eerie, elegiac Balkan a cappella music that is rarely heard outside Bulgaria.” Garth Cartwright, music journalist

“The 12 singers making up Bulgarian choir Veda Slovena provided the most beautiful unaccompanied singing, treating the audience to everything from love songs to children’s songs to orthodox chants. And the Convent itself was shown off to great effect on a beautiful summer evening, while the Chapel (the venue for the gig) proved the perfect setting for the distinctive sounds of Bulgarian music – assymetric rhythm, polyphony and five-part harmony. There may be only two Bulgarians in the choir but this group put on a sublime exhibition of musical talent.” Jane Leigh, Stroud News Journal

“Choral voices, mystic harmonies, wrapped around poetic tales drenched in the rich history and pulsating with the fiery rhythms of Bulgaria….This is the sound of Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir. Led by the invincible singer and scholar, Eugenia Georgieva. Ubiquitous, and unique, it seems that whichever project she turns her hand to, it’s always with a midas touch. From the Perunika Trio, to YANTRA, and now to her latest creation, formed by an outstanding group of Londoners, Eugenia unearths the striking Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir.” DJ Ritu,  Radio Resonance FM104.4