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If you have a passion for stunning Bulgarian harmonies, we may be the right choir for you! Veda Slovena

Sight-reading skills, knowledge of the language or previous experience of singing Bulgarian music are not required.

​Eugenia combines teaching by ear in the spirit of Bulgarian singing tradition with using scores and audio files. All lyrics are transliterated and translated. The choir performs regularly, usually once every month or two. We are a hardworking and dedicated but friendly and vibrant group and enjoy great social time together.

Come and learn about the rich traditions of Bulgaria and experience the mysterious magic of Bulgarian folk singing yourself!

Rehearsals on Thursdays, 19.15-21.00 in London SW11 (nearest station Clapham Junction). Additional support for new singers 19.00-19.15.

Please contact us via the contact form of the website for more details.


“Wonderful small format where you can hear everyone, excellent choice of material with stunning arrangements, committed participants, and a strong leader with wide knowledge of style and particular singing techniques. A pleasure to be part of this project!” Christina Borgenstierna, choir member